Thursday, September 23, 2010

Favourite Colour? Why?

What is your favorite color? Why? How does it make you feel? Would you have the whole inside of your house and all the furnishings upholstered, painted and finished in this color?


  1. Orange. It makes me feel unique because so few people like it as their favorite color and it's so rare to see it occur naturally and even in our daily lives it only makes casual appearances. It can be a brilliant, a subdued color at the same time. And sadly, no I would not be able to stand an entire room of orange. It would burn out my eyes and void it's uniqueness. Maybe just the walls.
    -Jason Martin

  2. Red. It is bold. I guess I like brown too because it is natural. I would not have the whole inside of my house red but maye have it pop up in places like the brown does in my house now. :)
    -LaNae Klann

  3. Brown. Because I can do anything with the color brown, and it is rich, and earthy at the same time. It makes me feel like signature look. I would not of the inside of my house, including everything painted any one color...that would just be gross. But I would have multibple rooms dominated by the color my bedroom...brown and greyish blue.
    - Crystal Pardue Nickel

  4. Blue and yellow. They are bright and perky. Happy. No, because I like to feel warm, cozy and welcomed in my home, not like an amusement park. I prefer macadamia nut, a medium taupe for the walls. You know what I like.
    - Kelly Bolyard

  5. Bright Pink. It makes me feel happy and fun and carefree. No. I wouldn't want everything that color because I like to mix colors togethter and too much of a good thing, usually isn't a good thing anymore.
    - Jennifer Filmon Isenhoward

  6. Green. I love it because it makes me feel safe and warm...that would explain why I painted the bedrooms in my house dried hydrangea.
    - Amanda Welch

  7. Brown/Gold. I have found myself painting multiple rooms in my house this goldish brown color because it feels warm and safe. It is the color sheets I bought. I love brown shoes and belts and when I wear one also. I wouldn't paint every room in my house this color mainly because I have 3 children and love to let them have a say in their rooms.
    - Leslie Wolfe Parrish