Saturday, September 18, 2010

Public Study on Preference of Color

Please read the following situation and answer honestly. Thank you for your time. :) L.

If you were put into a white room...
You could paint one wall any one color...

Would you even paint the wall at all?
What color would the wall be?
Why did you choose that color?

Does the room have any windows?
If so, is there a lot of day light?
If not, is there a lot of incandescent or fluorescent lighting?

How does the room make you feel?
What will you use that room for?


  1. I would go for a earth tone, like beige or a light camel. Earth tones give me a feeling of warmth.

    Now, if I were to go bold, I would choose sky blue, again pulling from nature. Blue to me is a cool, calm and cheerful color. I am considering painting my office blue since I spend sooo much time in here. My office in my old house was blue, loved the way the color made me feel. Currently, my office is a harvest gold color. I can say that I felt more energetic with blue. Think I'm going to change this color.

    Yes, this imagined room has lots of windows!! Natural lighting is a must for me. I don't mind incandescent, soft lighting. If fluorescent lighting went away today, I would not miss it!

  2. I would paint all the walls, macadamia nut, light taupe.

    Light taupe makes me feel settled, warm and invited.

    A room with windows would be WAY bright, I love curtains opened and sunshine flowing in the room.
    With no windows, light in corners to make a space cozy, I don't like, in your face electrical lights.

    Happy. I would use that room and all my rooms for whatever function they have been arranged to accomplish.

    I agree with Jenna, cannot stand fluorescent lighting. I have it currently in my kitchen and it is the energy saver to boot. It takes forever to fully light and I feel like I am in a bad horror movie.

  3. Female/46/African American

    Yes, I would paint it green. It's my favorite color.

    The room would have lots of natural light. I would use the room as a reading/living room.

  4. Female/29/Caucasian

    No to paint. I like uniformity.
    Yes to windows. A lot of light.
    I feel peaceful and energized.
    Use it as a bedroom.

  5. Male/31/Caucasian

    Yes, I would paint it green (bright green)
    it makes me feel healthy, closer to nature.

    2 windows for cross wind flow, and plenty of natural light.

  6. Male/35/White

    1. No, I would use furniture and accessories
    2. lots of daylight...low lighting
    3. clean, fresh, vibrant

  7. Female/31/Caucasian

    1. Depends on the situation
    2. Turquoise
    3. why? it's a happy color
    4. windows? yes
    5. sunlight? yes
    6. incandescent lighting also

  8. Female/30's/Caucasian

    Yes, Gray. It's a soothing and relaxing color. It has many windows but with window coverings to adjust light. No fluorescent lights. Natural light is preferred.

  9. Female/24/Caucasian

    Yes, I'd paint it gray. There are many, many windows, providing natural light. The space would be a living room.

  10. Female/24/Caucasian

    lots of complimentary colors

    -lots of windows-lots of daylight


  11. Male/25/Caucasian

    -b/c of contrast to keep reflection down
    -yes, windows, lots of light
    -makes me feel sterile
    -living room

  12. Female/22/Polish

    -I would paint it yellow

    -because its my favorite color, makes me happy

    -turn it into a sun-room

  13. Female/28/Asian

    -purple, flower
    -yes, window
    -children's room

  14. Female/22/White

    1. yes, grey
    2. because it doesn't contrast too much with white
    3. yes, little
    4. incandescent lighting
    5. used for sitting (living room)

  15. Female/23/Caucasian American

    Yes. Light blue-gray. Serene. Large Window. Lots of natural light. I feel relaxed. Used for reading or even entertaining during the day...

  16. Female/24/White

    Yes. Could be any color, something subdued - tints of a tertiary probably.

    Because I could choose a color, control overall environment

    Yes to windows

  17. Female/28/White (from NY)

    Fave Color
    Yes, a lot of light

  18. Female/29/Caucasian

    3.passion color - reference to ocean, sky, sun, nature.
    4.yes, lots of daylight