Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Case Study on Color Psychology: Children vs. Adults

Result and Conclusion:

"It turned out that our results weren't too surprising. Although children and adults had some difference in their interpretation of color, it wasn't anything too extreme. Overall, red made adults feel anger while it made children feel calm. For yellow and blue both adults and children felt the same emotions towards the two colors. For yellow they both felt happy and for blue they both felt calm.
Children tended to feel more intensely towards colors in general. The mean difference between the intensity level children felt and that of adults was 1.03. It is not surprising that children would feel more intensely towards color because, in general, children are more emotional. Adults are more reserved because of their preconceived emotions of the effects of color.
Our work is an expansion of what other people have done. We found research where people did studies on color but it was never compared between children and adults. Also, we never found any information that gave the intensity level that the different age groups felt towards color.
It would be interesting to further our research and do this same study with different variables. We are curious to see how background, race, social status and nationality would affect the emotions and the intensity at which they are felt."

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