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Elgin Mental Facility Site - Haunted
Documentation of patients being tortured in the turn of the century era before science understood insanity. They then were buried five in a grave with the name of the body on top marking that grave. All kinds of supernatural activity here ranging from orbs to apparitions. August, 2005 Update: Was actually the cemetery for those that died in the Elgin State Mental Institution. Little activity is found. Area is located near quarry in the back of the sports complex. Common activity is items of all types being dropped and when people look for them with flashlights or under other types of lighting the item can't be found. Than in the daylight they are seen placed on top of stones that were searched thoroughly the night before. January 2006 Update: the cemetery belongs to the Elgin State Mental Hospital. The name it has is the name that belonged to the Hospital before in changed its name within the last 10 years. The Cemetery is easily accessed behind the local sports complex but has the same policy as the hospital. It is Private Government Property with armed guards patrolling, only certified personnel can get back there without getting hit by the fine.WARNING:If there is anyone that is planning on doing anything in any of those locations they must be sure that they have permission first else they will be arrested.
Elgin State was a relic of the 1950s era of using pain for mental treatment. Electroshock and cold therapy were some of the ghastly methods used on patients. Many died and as the years went on, and the cemetery ran out of room, the bodies were incinerated in the basement. The campus is shut down, and is closed down. Visitors have to hop a fence and run from the security guards to avoid being fined $5,000. Reports include tapings, screams, shadows, lights inside, cold fields, and fog. Inside, visitors claim to see blood stained walls, and smell the scent of decay. Many consider it the most haunted place in Chicago land. August, 2005 Update: The place was torn down due to asbestos. The property has not shown paranormal activity since. The property is now in the process of having government office building being built in the location. There is a Brand New Elgin Mental Institution is a juvenile detention center that was build several miles down the road away from the original location. It is the new location that is now Open. There is no known activity to be taking place at the new location at this time. It was built over a bit of farmland that the city had bought. January 2006 Update: This place has been mostly closed down. The State built additions that are the part that is open and yet it must be regarded that open does not mean open to the public. The old part was closed done due to a deadly asbestos that was discovered on the walls and the buildings that were contaminated were all torn down. The reason for the armed guards is that there is both a juvenile detention center and a center for the Criminally insane that exist on the property and the guards are there to make sure no one goes near these areas without clearance.WARNING:If there is anyone that is planning on doing anything in any of those locations they must be sure that they have permission first else they will be arrested.
Elgin Mental Health Center- The bloody walls legend
Research done- Eye witness accounts from group that was there for clean up of the center during the time the state asked to reopen the place for the Katrina victims. They supplied images of walls that were red and exclaimed cleaning and bleaching them to remove the esbestos and than leaving the room to bring in mattresses and bedding to return and find the blood was back. After cleaning again and leaving and returning the blood remained so the room was left as it was. As there is visual proof and more than 20 eye witness accounts to this is was proven true. Yet there is no more desire to return.
Reminder- All trespassers are subject to a 5000 dollar fine and since the mental health center is now the home of the criminally insane it is too dangerous to go back. The witness accounts and photos are all we desired to research.
It is with the given information we have determined this to be another true case, and a dangerous one to continue on so like Channing the research is

Elgin Ghost Tour - October 2007

This was our very first investigation as a group. We visited Mt. Hope Cemetery and the Elgin Mental Health Center Cemetery in Elgin, Illinois.
There are plenty of ghostly stories coming from the Elgin State mental hospital and the cemetery that sits behind the complex. Here is a link that shows you the names of the deceased - buried in the cemetery.

October 28, 2008

As I just arrived back from a Florida vacation I was quickly pushed back into the cooler nights of October in Elgin, Illinois. Stefanie had found us a little ghost tour that, to our surprise, was venturing to the mostly off-limits Elgin Mental Hospital Cemetery.

Here is a couple of pictures that Stefanie had taken of "Row One" or the back row of the cemetery. These pictures were taken at 10:16pm & 10:17pm and you can see a Ecto-mist forming. There was nobody around and the fact that none of us smoke made this an interesting photo. Could it be a paranormal event or did the weather change it's mind?

ECTO-MIST: A fog-like substance that appears in pictures usually resembling a cloud of smoke.

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