Friday, February 11, 2011

Research Readings on the Subjectivity of Color Perception

Bibliography of Color and Philosophy

Subjective visual experiences of
colour and form induced by
temporally modulated light
Cordula Becker

Subjectivity and Colour Vision

Colour Resolution - Questions and Answers

Definition of Subjective Color

Colour Photographic Processes

Subjectivity and Colour Vision (1987)

Color and Meaning: Psychological Background for Color

To to be perceived

The Philosophy of Colour

Explaining Subjective Differences in Color Perception

Seeing Colors: An Apt Microcosm for the Subjectivity of Human Perception

Millions of Colors Perceived by Millions of People - Each Time Through the Eyes of the Individual Beholder

Opponent Process

Wiki - Color

Why Can My Professor Not Match His Clothing: Is Color Just a Subjective Experience?

Color Vision

Color Psychology

The ChromaGen contact lens system: colour vision test results and subjective responses.

A mathematical approach to explain subjective color perception

The Relationship between Color vision and Arousal Level

Physics and the Eye: How Does Color Vision Really Work?

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